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Ensuring you have the right serve-over counters and refrigerated display units is a vital element of creating a successful food retail environment whether it be a butchers shop, delicatessen, bakery, charcuterie, fishmongers or farm shop. From servery counters to self-service multidecks, the right refrigerated display cabinets can change the appearance, customer experience and possible revenue of a shop.

Whether you are looking for equipment for a new shop or to replace your existing facilities our experienced and friendly team can offer expert tailored advice on configuration, budget, design and functionality. When making such an investment you want to make sure you make the right decision and we can help guide you to the most effective solution for your business needs and budget. 

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Straight Glass Butchers Serve Over Counter

We are experts in food retail design and shopfitting and can supply and install food retail counters to suit spaces of all sizes ensuring maximum product display potential whilst considering cost, practicality, maintenance and energy efficiency. We can provide and install servery counters and refrigerated display units in all finishes, sizes and styles including stand alone and built-in units, servery counters, multideck display units, window bed and feature refrigerated display, self service fridge and freezer units, dry ageing cabinets and coldrooms. 

We can provide and fit temperature controlled units to suit any purpose whether stand alone or built in by our expert designers and site joiners to accommodate an existing shop style. Why settle for a standard unit when we can easily incorporate additional finishes (both subtle and bold) to seamlessly integrate the unit in to your shop's scheme.


Butchers Counter Leeds Market

Some things to consider when choosing your counters and display units:


‚ÄčThe long-term plans of the business should be taken into consideration when making an investment in any comercial equipment and in the boundless product possibilities of food retail and food trends an allowance for expansion should be made. However, biggest is not always best! Ensure that the capacity is relevant to realistic actual and predicted stock levels - customer's wont be impressed by a half-empty counter display and you will simply end up paying out the cost and running fees of a larger unit that is not benefiting the business. A smaller counter that is effectively displayed can make far more of a positive impact on a customer than a large barren unit. 

Size & Layout

The positioning of different units for meat, fish, fresh and deli products should be carefully considered from both a customer's point of view and also as day-to-day business operations. A successful shop works for both customers and your business. Make sure you consider the customer flow within your shop; what products you want to be at the forefront and how you could position products to encourage spontaneous purchases. 

Appearance & Finishes

A counter or display unit should be functional but it can also be one of the easiest ways to visually enhance your shop. A standard unit may be practical enough but make sure you consider how you could utilise or incorporate different finishes to create a feature and make your shop design stand-out. Our expert designers can create cladding panels, pelmets, custom encasements, signwritten/logo features, shelving and much more to transform your display from merely functional to a focal point.

Integral Lighting

The right lighting in a display unit will embellish your products where as the wrong lighting can be unfavourable and distort the customer's perception negatively. For example incorrect lighting in a butchery serve-over counter can make meat appear washed out or discoloured where as the right lighting can emphasise the bright natural colours of the meat. However, the lighting that works for meat may not work for pies, fish or delicatessen products, therefore when selecting the lighting for your units you should consider the specific product to be displayed and ensure you choose the lighting that will most effectively illuminate each type.

Product Appropriate Temperature Ranges

Obviously each temperature controlled unit must suit the type of product to be stocked, careful consideration should be given to the future plans of the business to ensure you have the right amount of practicality and versatility within your chosen units in case you should wish to expand a certain type of product or perhaps introduce an entirely new product. For example the introduction of fish counters, cheese counters and deli counters has become increasingly popular with butchers shops looking to expand their product range.

Meat Fridge Display and Dry Ageing

We work with the country's top specialist manufacturers and suppliers to provide a wide variety of refrigerated display solutions to suit all styles and budgets. From standard units through to bespoke refrigeration ideas with specialist finishes we can supply the perfect solution to your refrigerated display needs.

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