Meat Dry Ageing Fridge Cabinets

Dry-Ageing Cabinet - The Meat Retailer's Must-Have!

Double the benefit - Increased high-end product retail and highly effective impulse sales generator. 

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Dry Ageing is the traditional way of storing and maturing meat on the bone to create a stronger flavour and a more tender joint. 

A dry ageing cabinet / fridge works by slowly extracting moisture from the meat to give a more concentrated flavour and during the process the tougher connective tissue in the muscle is broken down leaving exceptionally tender meat.

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Not only does a dry ageing fridge give a wider range of top quality meat to sell for a butchers or meat retailer but it can be a very effective feature for engaging customers and generating visually lead impulse sales.

Many butchers and farm shops across the country are now embracing this opportunity and introducing dry aging cabinets into their stores as a means to produce more high end products as well as being an effect display for products.

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We can incorporate dry-ageing units into our design to maximise the retail potential so that no only is your unit creating perfect tender cuts of meat but is actually selling for you too. The visual effect of a meat ageing fridge on customers increases engagement and impulse buying.

Many butchers are now incorporating meat-age units into their shopfront to create a stunning feature that really grabs the attention of the passing public and draws in customers. 

Refrigerated Window Bed Display for Butchers Shop

Here at HK Interiors Ltd we work closely with many specialist manufacturers to ensure that our clients receive the perfect unit to suit their needs no matter how large or small.

If you would like any further information on meat ageing units simply get in touch with us today.

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