Daydreams & Ice Creams - Milk Train Opens at Covent Garden

23rd Dec 2018

Milk Train Counter Milk Train Seating Area Milk Train Ice Cream

One of London's favourite eateries opened it's doors in Covent Garden offering treats that are sure to please any sweet lover. The unique and quirky ice cream cafe serves a variety of ice creams laced with treats of all shapes and sizes from biscuits and sweets to popcorn and cereal and all topped off with a halo of candy floss.

The shop's concept was created by Formroom of London ( and HK Interiors were approached to make their stunning design a reality. The concept brought the train of the company branding to life and HK manufactured metalwork, seating, signage and counters to achieve the effect and create a truly stunning environment for customers from all over the world. 

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